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Coronavirus: 40% of workers won’t change jobs

The people who took part in the study came from varying industries. Credit: Pixino

Nearly one in five workers (18%) fear they could lose their jobs as a result of the coronavirus crisis, according to the 11th annual barometer of the human resources services group Acerta released Monday.

The ongoing Coronavirus crisis is significantly stalling worker mobility, with 40% not planning to change jobs even if an opportunity arose, a jump when compared to 26% last year and only 10% five years ago.

“We have moved from job mobility to job immobility, but that doesn’t mean that workers are not ready to take on new assignments or new tasks within their company,” explained Nele Ronsmans, senior consultant at Acerta.

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Nearly one in five workers also fears losing their jobs because of the health crisis and its economic impact on companies. However, less than 30% of those surveyed have already had a conversation with their management about what happens next.

The survey – conducted under containment measures – asked 1000 workers for their opinion.

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