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Women in the digital era event held by Huawei

Thursday, 30 April 2020

The 1st Huawei #WomenInTech event was held in March to celebrate International Women’s Day.
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Huawei today held its 2nd #WomenInTech event*, by webinar, to underline the importance of female leadership shown during the successful #EUvsVirus Hackathon last weekend (24-26 April).

The #EUvsVirus Hackathon was organised by the European Commission to generate new ideas to fight the coronavirus pandemic. It attracted nearly 21 000 participants from 141 countries and resulted in the submission of more than 2 150 proposed solutions towards fighting the pandemic: in areas including health and life, business continuity, remote working and education, social and political cohesion and digital finance.

Huawei contributed to the Hackathon as a Strategic Partner, under the leadership of its Chief Representative to the European Institutions, Abrham Liu. Several Huawei employees took an active part as Mentors, Domain Leads, Jury Members and Ambassadors.

The 1st Huawei #WomenInTech event was held in March to celebrate International Women’s Day. Today’s webinar, “Women in the Digital Era: Making a Difference in Times of Hardship” centred around a sharing session with female mentors who guided competitors during the Hackathon. It was organised to complement the Hackathon Awards Ceremony, held shortly after the webinar.

On the company’s decision to hold the webinar during COVID-19, Abraham Liu commented: “For Huawei, closing the gender gap that exists in the digital sector and beyond is as necessary now as it was before the current pandemic. We treat it as a priority.”

“We believe in the importance of keeping the gender equality debate alive during these challenging times, especially given that lockdowns have put extra pressure on working parents,” he said. “The post-COVID recovery has to be carried out in a sustainable and inclusive way, ensuring that no one is left behind. Technology can help, and our European partners can count on Huawei to make it happen.”

Panel members in the webinar discussed topics of particular relevance to women in these challenging times – among them, how technology can aid women at risk during lockdowns; how innovative solutions can help working parents cope; what advice leading women would give to girls considering enrolling in STEM programmes, or considering tech-related jobs, and; what their overall experience was at the Hackathon.

Many leading contributors at the Hackathon were women – some of them leaders within the EU tech & science ecosystem. Taking on different roles and challenges, they demonstrated that leadership in times of hardship makes all the difference.

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