Coronavirus: Record number of registrations for online courses

Coronavirus: Record number of registrations for online courses

Many people blocked at home by the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis are seeking professional training online to become more marketable, the regional employment agency in Flanders, VDAB, reports.

In April, there were close to 28,000 registrations for online training, 20,000 more than in April 2019, according to Flemish Labour Minister Hilde Crevits (Christen Democratisch en Vlaams, CD&V).

The applications were made by about 14,000 individuals, up from 5,000 for the corresponding month of last year, which is also a record.

The training course in greatest demand is Introduction to Accounting, followed by an Excel course, while French and Artificial Intelligence are also among the popular options.

Minister Crevits has earmarked four million euros for broadening the range of subjects offered to include Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, Home Automation, Solar Energy and Wind Energy, and for strengthening the online platform.

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