Belgian hospitality sector expects 45% fewer clients when reopening

Belgian hospitality sector expects 45% fewer clients when reopening

Most (85%) of restaurant and cafe owners expect only about half of their clients back when they reopen, a survey by the UGent shows.

They expect that the government will limit the maximum capacity, and that customers will decide to wait a while before they will come back. 1,083 consumers and 307 restaurants and cafés participated in the survey.

“Customers are eager to revisit their favourite restaurants and cafes,” the researchers said. “But to make their return safe, they expect the hospitality industry to make an effort,” they added.

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News on when and how the sector can reopen will come on 3 June after the National Security Council, not sooner, according to Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès.

Possible measures to make sure the reopening happens in a safe way include regularly disinfecting your hands, disinfecting the tables and chairs after each visit, not exchanging menus and respecting the social distance of 1.5 metres at all times.

About 60% of customers indicate that they will immediately resume visits to restaurants or cafés, they said. The remaining 40% are slightly more cautious and will postpone the visit for a few weeks. The most important reason for postponing the visit is the fear of infections.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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