22% of workers consider quitting over employer’s coronavirus management

22% of workers consider quitting over employer’s coronavirus management
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More than one Belgian worker in five is thinking of quitting their job amid the coronavirus pandemic as a result of their employer’s management of the crisis.

After polling some 2,800 employees, human resources firm StepStone said that a “staggering” 22% said they were considering leaving their job out of a lack of satisfaction with their company’s management of the crisis.

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“The absence of additional measures or the lack of communication tends to have a negative effect on the perception of the company by the employee,” the company found.

The survey also found that while more than one-third of workers in Belgium wanted to return to the office, 39% said they were not yet ready to do so.

“43% fear they will be contaminated if they return to the workplace while 26% think their employer will not be able to guarantee their own safety,” the company wrote.

A striking 91% of those polled said that they considered their employers responsible for their wellbeing and safety in the workplace, with half declaring their employees should take measures to ensure they are safe from infection at work.

Half of respondents to the survey said they wanted their companies to give them access to antibody tests and 56% said they wanted their employers to take measures to ensure appropriate social-distancing.

An additional 53% said they wanted more flexible working hours while just under half (48%) said they wanted companies to continue making it possible to keep teleworking.

Contrastingly, when asked to choose the best moment for a potential return to the workplace, more than half (57%) said June, 19% said September and 11% said the next year.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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