Coronavirus surcharge is allowed, but excessive prices are not

Coronavirus surcharge is allowed, but excessive prices are not
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Charging a corona surcharge is not prohibited, but it may not lead to extortionate prices, federal economy minister Nathalie Muylle told the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Now that more and more businesses are opening their doors, an increasing number of them are charging a coronavirus surcharge to compensate for their extra costs. Especially in the hospitality sector, the surcharge is becoming more common.

“Enterprises must apply the rules on price display,” Muylle said, questioned by a socialist MP.

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The amount must either be incorporated in the total price or be clearly displayed as an extra. “It must also be proportionate. Action will be taken against exorbitant prices,” she warned.

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the economic inspectorate has been particularly attentive to abuse, the minister said, pointing out that 254 reports have already been received about price indications. The economic inspectorate is also taking initiatives itself and has already opened 411 investigations.

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