Ryanair plans to refund 90% of customers by the end of July

Ryanair plans to refund 90% of customers by the end of July
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Low-cost airline Ryanair has said it hopes to soon have reimbursed most of its customers who had their flights cancelled in the context of the health crisis between March and June.

“Since the reopening of our Dublin office on 1 June, additional refund staff have been trained to clear the backlog of refund claims. All March cash claims have now been processed. By the end of June, 50% of April cash refunds were processed. All of the May refunds and most of the June refunds will also be processed by the end of July.”

“These figures include passengers who accepted free travel vouchers and/or free changes on flights that are now operated by Ryanair during July, August and September,” said the low-cost airline.

“More than 90% of passengers who booked directly with Ryanair and requested a cash refund for travel between March and June will receive their refunds by the end of July,” said Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson.

“However, it is worrying that a significant number of our customers, who have made reservations through unauthorised third parties (online travel agents), have not yet received their refunds because online travel agents have given Ryanair false e-mail addresses or virtual credit card details for these customers,” he said.

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