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Inflation in Belgium rises for third month in a row

Credit: Belga

The rate at which goods bought and used by consumers become more expensive has increased for the third month in a row in Belgium.

Inflation, the rate at which the prices of consumer goods go up, rose to 0.82%, compared with 0.73% in July, according to the Belgian statistics office Statbel on Friday.

The increase started in June, after inflation had bottomed out at 0.48% in May.

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In August, hotel rooms in particular became more expensive (+4.5% compared to July), as did non-alcoholic beverages (+3.5%), alcoholic beverages (+1.5%), bread and cereals (+1%) and restaurants and cafés (+0.7%). On the other hand, airline tickets (-7.4%), holiday villages and campsites (-6.6%), fruit (-4%) and vegetables (-2.4%) were cheaper than in July.

Compared to a year ago, fresh seafood was more than a third more expensive in August this year. Products in the categories of mail, jewellery and fresh fruit cost over 10% more.

The strongest price decreases compared to August last year were at holiday centres, campsites and youth hostels, heating oil and air transport (around 15 percent each).

The Brussels Times