Closed Belgian bars offered €500 by burger chain looking for ad space

Closed Belgian bars offered €500 by burger chain looking for ad space
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Belgian fast-food chain Quick has caught the attention of local retailers in Belgium after it offered closed bars €500 each to allow it to advertise in their currently vacant windows.

The promotion – motivated by the launch of the Le Patron burger which is made with beer sauce – was sent to around 100 bars according to RTBF, drawing the ire of some owners who saw the move as the chain taking advantage of the current situation for bars.

Complaints also came from participants yet to receive their money for the promo despite having the signs up since early February.

“As indicated in the contract, the amount is deposited one month after the poster was placed. The poster placement took place between February 15th and 18th. Everyone will therefore receive their payment on time,” Burger Brands Belgium – which manages all the Quick and Burger King restaurants in Belgium – explained.

The brand also defended comments that if they are not careful, bars opting to participate in the promotion could also inadvertently be violating Belgian law on advertising in the public space, which can bring penalties ranging from €250 to over €1000.

Asked on this by RTBF, Burger Brands Belgium says it “examined the rules applicable in the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels regions. In Flanders and Brussels, no permit is required as long as the posters are not too large (max. 4 m² in Flanders and max. 50% of the window in Brussels). In Wallonia, no permit is required to stick posters on a window.”

The Current Plan

The hospitality sector could be able to open its doors from 1 May, providing figures remain stable in Belgium, Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon said on Friday during the Consultative Committee.

However, as with the reopening of the events sector and the relaxation of other measures, allowing people to return to bars or restaurants will depend on the evolution of infection rates and hospital admissions.

“The Consultative Committee has asked the GEMS expert group to draw up an action plan for allowing more activities indoors in May,” Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said. “For that month, we will make massive use of testing.”

The next Consultative Committee meeting will take place on Friday 26 March.

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