Overworked tax inspectors make more mistakes

Overworked tax inspectors make more mistakes
Credit: Unsplash/Dan Dimmock

The high workload at the tax office is impacting quality with complaints showing an increase in mistakes on the part of inspectors.The inspectors report difficulties in doing their job properly, according to Het Laatste Nieuws and VTM.

In 2020, a record 72,000 Belgians objected to the tax authorities’ calculations. Those calculations determine how much the taxpayer pays or gets back in the form of a refund.

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The tax inspectors admit that there have been errors and lay the blame on a high-pressure work environment and a lack of sufficient employees to process cases.

“The immense pressure of work means that the files are piling up,” one inspector told HLN. “At the same time, the tax authorities have lost 14,000 civil servants over the past ten years. Still, files have to be processed at a rapid pace. That is why errors creep into the calculations.”

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