Huge delivery delays as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand for electric cars

Huge delivery delays as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand for electric cars
An electric vehicle charging in Belgium. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In light of their environmental credentials and financial incentives, businesses are increasingly opting for electric vehicles. But manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the increased demand.

As the benefits of electric vehicles are ever more widely publicised, the appetite for these greener alternatives to polluting fossil-fuelled vehicles is growing. However, despite companies increasing their production and scaling down their conventional offerings, orders in Belgium can take as much as one year to be met, and even longer for certain models, L’Echo newspaper reported on Saturday.

This situation is due mainly to the fact that Belgian businesses are bracing for tougher tax regulations on company cars. This follows the Federal Government’s decision to remove tax breaks from vehicles powered by fossil fuels from 1 January 2026, Belga News Agency reports.

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The long waiting lists have also been exacerbated by a global shortage of electronic chips and an upsurge in Covid-19 infections, according to l’Echo. This has disrupted supply chains as production lines have been forced to close time and again due to the pandemic.

In Brussels, the city hopes that some residents might be persuaded to give up their personal cars entirely. In recompense, residents would receive tokens for a wide variety of alternative transports – not only public but also car-sharing schemes that provide users with the conveniences of using a car but remove the stress of maintaining the vehicle and paying the various costs.

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