Delhaize to get rid of paper receipts

Delhaize to get rid of paper receipts
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Shopping chain Delhaize is going to replace the paper receipt with a digital ticket as much as possible from now on.

This makes the supermarket one of the first food shops in Belgium to abandon the paper receipt, reports De Standaard.

Delhaize customers can receive their receipt by e-mail going forward, which will require them to register with the grocery store’s app, first.

“In Belgium it is a legal obligation to offer an official receipt to every customer,” said spokesperson Roel Dekelver.

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“In the past, this was only done via a paper ticket. But from now on, the Superplus-customer can receive the proof in a digital way through an email address that is linked to the MyDelhaize-app.”

The system is similar to the one used by IKEA for users of their Family app.

Expected savings due to increase in paper prices

Delhaize hopes the switch will bring considerable savings, given that the price of paper has been pushed to unprecedented heights over the past year.

About 5 million cash register tickets are printed and handed out every week at Delhaize, which results in a paper waste to the tune of about 162 tons per year.

If every customer would decide to receive only a digital ticket from now on, 148 tonnes less CO2 would be emitted, Delhaize calculates.

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