Cybersecurity: Shellshock, new major computer bug

Cybersecurity: Shellshock, new major computer bug

Shellshock, a computer bug recently discovered by a French hacker, has affected the “Bash” program, a centerpiece of UNIX / Linux systems used by 70% of internet servers in the world. According to several experts interviewed by the Belga news agency, this bug presents a real problem for companies wanting to save confidential information. Hackers can easily take advantage of this vulnerability and gain access to confidential corporate data. “We discreetly tested the problem on several Belgian companies,” explains Etienne Robba, from the company, “In ten minutes, we had access to highly confidential information such as university diplomas.”

Given this weakness, the computer expert suggests an urgent update of the “Bash” program and the use of a patch (antidote).

Jeroen Gobin, from the Federal Service, (federal cyber emergency team) states that “Bash is widely used. Vulnerability is therefore a major issue. As soon as we became aware of the threat, we posted a notice on our website. We advise all Belgian companies, if they use ‘Bash’ to check and make updates as soon as possible. ”

(Source: Belga)

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