The 5 cent “round-up” not accepted

The 5 cent “round-up” not accepted

The new rule put in place in October that allows traders to round-up or down by 5 cents has not been widely accepted. The Monnaie Royale of Belgium started producing 2 cent coins again in December. It hadn’t made any for over a year, L’Avenir said on Tuesday. They had to produce new coins “to meet the commercial sector’s needs” a month ago.

Comeos, the federation that represents large supermarkets, announced from the start that it would not apply the measure in its large stores. “The fact that the round-up is only allowed for cash payment and not for electronic payment or restaurant checks means it cannot practically be put in place in supermarkets”, it says.

The Neutral Syndicate for Freelancers (Syndicat Neutre pour Indépendants, SNI) shares this opinion, and adds “that small traders also block it”.

The cabinet of the Ministry for the middle classes, Willy Borsus (MR), has said they will do an evaluation before the two year deadline.

(Source: Belga)

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