Energy providers are looking into handicapped people's cases

Handicapped people who get a reduced rate on their gas and electricity bills are being looked into by Energy providers. The providers are threatening to make them pay full price. The head of the Handicapped person’s department of the Social Security SPF (Service Publics Fédéraux), André Gubbels, was quoted in the Nieuwsblad columns on Monday. “We have been flooded with complaints”, he explains.  “Some of the most vulnerable people in our society are receiving multiple phone calls from Energy providers, who are threating to take away their reduced rate unless they provide a certificate”.

The Handicapped person’s department usually transfers the necessary information to the Energy providers electronically. “But some providers don’t save their client’s National register number, so some of the data isn’t transferred”. This is why they are tracking down handicapped people whose data is incomplete and demanding a certificate. This certificate “will be available in March”, says Mr Gubbels.

According to Elke Sleurs, the State Secretary for Handicapped person, Energy providers are not allowed to harass people given a reduced rate.

Sarah ohansson (Source: Belga)

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