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Lampiris sues the three regulators

The energy provider Lampiris has launched a lawsuit against the Brussels energy regulator (Brugel), the Flemish regulator (Vreg) and the Walloon regulator (CWaPE). The company is concerned about the fall in energy prices, La Libre Belgique revealed on Thursday. Lampiris contests the fact that it has to cover the cost of unpaid bills throughout the whole energy chain. “Out of the electricity and gas bills sent to our customers, only 40% comes back to us. The remaining 60% goes towards transport costs, distribution and various taxes. If a customer doesn’t pay us, we still have to pay transport and distribution costs”, explains Olivier Lechien, the Lampiris spokesman.

Lampiris hopes to sort things out by simultaneously launching lawsuits with the Liège appeal court, the Brussels appeal court, and the State Council. These three courts are respectively responsible for handling legal action against CWaPE, Brugel and Vreg.

According to the Belgian Federation of electricity and gas companies, energy providers paid the energy regulators and the manager of the transport system, Elia, 37.3 million euros in 2014, without getting it from their customers.

(Source: Belga)