“Businesses need to be more involved in work-linked training”

“Businesses need to be more involved in work-linked training”

The possible implementing of the German system “duale Ausbildung”, which means alternating periods of theoretical training and practical work, implies a greater involvement from businesses, insisted Eliane Tillieux, the Walloon minister for Employment, on the occasion of the working visit made by king Philippe to Germany. “Only 5% of students and 10% of companies actively take part in a work-linked training programme in Wallonia. . In Germany this involves 15% of students and 20% of companies,” notes the minister. “The German culture is different, as is their socio-economic climate.  The main difference is that businesses there offer major financial support to the work-linked training system, whereas in Belgium, authorities are expected to shoulder the burden.  We need to convince businesses to invest so that the German system can be implemented. It has shown how helpful it is in the fight against youth unemployment.”

The various systems in place in Belgium need to be standardised. “The French-speaking office for work-linked training will give support to all concerned. Youths need a single statute with an apprenticeship contract that will settle issues of benefits, holidays, etc.” Young people also need a single advisor to guide them throughout their progression in the company. “As for the French-speaking department dealing with jobs and qualifications, it should target profiles to business needs.”

According to the minister the key issue is changing mind sets. “Work-linked training should not be the last step in a series of educational failures. It should be a determined choice.”

(Source: Belga)

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