Casinos appeal to protect the term “casino”

Casinos appeal to protect the term “casino”

The Namur, Spa, Brussels, Middelkerke and Blankenberge casinos (5 out of the 9 in Belgium) have just launched an appeal with the Brussels Dutch-language Trade Tribunal against the company Rocoluc. This is because the company uses the term “casino” for a website of video games, using the name “”. This is despite not having a gambling license, and not being subject to the same rules and regulations as casinos, L’Echo reported on Friday. A State Council decree from November agreed with the company, and gave them permission to “set up” on the internet and call themselves a casino. The casinos in Blankenberge and Middelkerke didn’t like it. They were not involved in the previous procedure, but strongly opposed the decree. The procedure is still ongoing.

The five casinos want the ban on using the name “casino” to be accompanied by a 100,000 euro fine each time it’s misused. 

(Source: Belga) 

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