Major exports are driving force behind Belgian food industry

Major exports are driving force behind Belgian food industry

The Belgian food industry is continuing to take fully advantage of export markets, especially to distant destinations such as Brazil, China, or the United States. Large-scale exports increased by 12.5 % last year compared to 2013, pointed out Fevia (Food industry federation) at the presentation of its annual report. Overall turnover for the sector levelled off at 48 billion euros (-0.4%), as did the employment figures, with 73,219 full-time equivalent jobs (+0.1%).

Fevia members are doing more and more business abroad.

Furthermore, the Russian embargo offered many food industry sectors the opportunity to look elsewhere, added the managers, citing the case of Algeria as an example.

This export success should carry on for some time, due, in particular, to the weak euro which may give “a helping hand to exports to distant destinations.” As well as the current exchange rate for the European currency, the Belgian food industry also benefits from other more stable advantages such as its quality, diversity, and innovation, adds Fevia.

The federation also points out some weaknesses in the sector, beginning with the wage handicap, and energy premiums paid by smaller companies.

(Source: Belga)

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