Proximus and bpost may be privatisatised

Proximus and bpost may be privatisatised

This coming Friday, the government will look at a text allowing the state to pull out of its involvement in 2 state-run businesses, Proximus and bpost, according to Wednesday’s edition of L’Echo. The minister in charge of public undertakings, Alexander De Croo, is submitting a law proposal which will in practice end the involvement of the government in the management of the 2 companies. The aim of the text examined by the government on Friday is to put an end to regulations stopping the state from selling its stake in these businesses. The text will cancel the rule forbidding the government from decreasing its stake below “50% of capital + one share”, according to L’Echo.

If the government decides to sell its shares in Proximus, which is not on the cards as yet, the sale could bring in 6 billion euros, whereas privatising bpost would generate almost 2.6 billion euros.

(Source: Belga) 

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