A record number of businesses asked to install cameras in their offices in 2014

The Privacy Protection Committee received a record 1,194 requests from businesses wanting to install cameras in their offices in 2014. That’s 85% more than in 2013 (643), the Neutral Union for Freelancers (SNI) said on Tuesday. It based that figure on the Iadite Commission’s database. The SNI attributes this increase to internal thefts.  According to the study, just over half of businesses have had this type of problem in the last two years. There had already been a 36% increase in the amount of businesses wanting cameras in 2013.

Thefts by staff represent around 40% of all thefts from businesses. The amount lost through internal thefts is “easily 10 to 14 times higher” than the amount lost by customers shoplifting, especially as staff can continue stealing for a long time.

As well as detecting internal thefts, cameras can also help bosses spot other kinds of unwanted behaviour, the SNI said. The union told entrepreneurs that have installed this type of system to inform their workers – a legal obligation – and not to film them continuously

(Source: Belga)

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