Huawei expands its consumer business in Europe with sales exceeding 2 billion dollars

Huawei expands its consumer business in Europe with sales exceeding 2 billion dollars
Last year, Huawei opened in Brussels its first Huawei store in Europe, as the company is expanding its share in Europe's smartphone market

The Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei announced recently that the total sales order value of its Consumer Business Group has exceeded the $2 billion mark in Western Europe in 2015. The announcement follows impressive business growth in 2015 in Western Europe, with a significant year-on-year increase of over 45 percent in sales revenue. Huawei’s products and services cover more than 170 countries around the world with 16 R&D centers in the US, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and China. Its Consumer Business Group is one of three businesses within Huawei, covering smartphones, mobile broadband devices, home devices and cloud services.

Huawei recently ranked 228th on the Global Fortune 500 as the company’s total revenues approached USD 50 billion. The consumer business division still remains a relatively small part of the company’s overall operations. However, the company has successfully invested and grown this part of the business in recent years. In 2015, the company ranked 88 on Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands list, and was also for the first time in the company’s history included in BrandZ’s ‘Top 100 Global Brands’, ranking 16th in the technology and science category.

In terms of smartphone market share, Huawei now claims the third place, and is catching on to Samsung and Apple, with global smartphone shipments of 48.2 million in the first half of 2015. Shipment for the mid-to-high end category recorded a staggering 70% year-on-year increase.

A large part of Huawei’s consumer business growth comes from Europe. “This success is mainly based on our new business strategy that focuses on three areas,“ says Richard Ren, CEO of the Consumer Business Group in Western Europe.

“Firstly, we have extended our offering in the mid and high-end smartphone segment and have received very positive feedback from consumers on our flagship products such P8 and Mate S. Secondly, we have intensified our co-operation with key operators and channel partners to create a win-win collaboration for each party involved. And, last but not least, we have extended and improved the retail in-store experience for end-consumers – our products can be experienced in the majority of the region’s shopping hot spots.”

“These efforts are clearly reflected in the high sales performance but also in the increased brand awareness in the region,” he continues. “We want to build on this achievement by continuing to offer innovative and stylish devices that meet our customers’ needs. We will further increase our R&D efforts to provide an outstanding hardware and software experience.”

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, adds that that “The rapid growth in Western Europe encourages us in our business strategy to focus on the premium segment. Western Europe is one of our key markets and with global brand awareness increasing, we see that we are on the right track to become a truly loved brand”.

Huawei has a 10% Smartphone market share in Italy and 14 % in Spain, and is now the second-largest Android brand in 5 Western Europe countries. The Huawei P8 family, launched in April last year, got the success in the market because of its unique light painting function. And the Huawei Mate S, launched in last September, has been well received by the end consumer because of its combination of unconventional design with state-of-the-art smartphone technology and innovative touch screen control, which re-defines human-machine interaction.

For 2016, The Huawei Consumer Business Group plans to continue to leverage its experience and knowledge in telecommunications, hardware and software to further increase both its market share and brand awareness in Europe.

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