BlaBlaCar surpasses one million passenger car seats in Belgium

BlaBlaCar surpasses one million passenger car seats in Belgium
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One year after its launch in Belgium, the carpooling site BlaBlaCar has surpassed the one million proposed seats, said the provider in a statement on Thursday. “The results of this first year are very positive: BlaBlaCar is experiencing a real enthusiasm in Belgium”, said Nicolas Brusson, CEO and co-founder of BlaBlaCar. “We are bringing new freedom of movement to our Belgian users and responding to a real need and we will continue our efforts to further expand our loyal community in Belgium.”

BlaBlaCar expects a peak use of the service during the weekend of May 1. “BlaBlaCar is already experiencing an increase in activity of more than 50% as the weekend extended from 1 May to a week-long weekend. Indeed, these long weekends are an opportunity for drivers to share their travel costs and thus save considerable amounts of money on their budgets. For passengers, BlaBlaCar is a very affordable travel solution, even for a last-minute ride”, said BlaBlaCar.

According to BlaBlaCar statistics, the Belgian member is 33 years old on average and more than four users out of 10 (44%) are women. The average distance of published journeys is 205 km.

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