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Rules on VAT for logistics companies relaxed

The rules on the VAT logistics companies have to pay have been relaxed, so that the price of renting warehouses will be similar to those in neighbouring countries. This new measure was put forward by Vice Prime Minister Kris Peeters when drawing up the summer agreement. It has been voted in, the Het Belang van Limburg reported on Saturday.

Apart from a few exceptions, VAT will no longer be applied to the renting of certain types of buildings. This can be a problem for the logistics sector: the owner can’t recuperate the cost of acquiring the goods they rent out. This could impact the rent tenants have to pay.

These rules will now be relaxed. “The current very literal interpretation of VAT for logistics companies is a competitive disadvantage when compared to neighbouring countries.  We will sort that out in the summer agreement”, says Kris Peeters, the Employment Minister. 

(Source: Belga)