Belgian exports to Britain down to 2013 level

Belgian exports to Britain down to 2013 level

The value of Belgian exports to the United Kingdom, expressed in euros, has fallen to its September 2013 level after peaking in February at its highest level since January 2012, according to the latest monitoring report from Federal Directorate of the Economy, Planning Bureau and National Bank, quoted by Minister of the Economy, Kris Peeters. Uncertainty around the British exit from the European Union, Brexit, has already sparked a certain nervousness and has economic consequences, the Deputy Prime Minister, said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May was scheduled to deliver a speech on Brexit in Florence on Friday. Meanwhile, Peeters this week called a meeting of the high-level group, presided by Count Paul Buysse, that should better prepare the Belgian business world for Brexit.

“Some progress was registered these past months, but we remain concerned by the uncertainty that prevails on the British side,” Peeters said. “That creates nerviousness and has an economic impact. The uncertainty that affects millions of citizens and workers must be brought to an end quickly”.  

Peeters and the high-level group hope that Theresa May will “demonstrate realism and pragmatism”. The group has reiterated a call for a multi-year transition period pending a definite settlement of Brexit. Moreover, trade between Britain and the EU must remain as free as possible, members say.


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