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Belgian SMEs are worried about a labour shortage in 2018

Around 43% of SMEs (small and medium businesses) think a shortage of labour is a big obstacle to growth in 2018. This is according to an inquiry by service provider RH SD Worx, which was published on Wednesday. A new drop in salary costs is seen as a major opportunity by three quarters of the 547 small and medium businesses that took part in the inquiry.

One of the potential growth accelerators is a simplification of social administration (49.9%), finding suitable candidates (48.5%) and a drop in business tax (47.2%). On the other hand, only a quarter of small and medium businesses see new technology as an opportunity for growth, despite the digital trend.

The inquiry also shows the legal regulation of economic activities is another concern for businesses. 37% of small and medium businesses think “constant changes” to the tax legislation is a big obstacle. This includes things like the energy tax. 

The Brussels Times