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Peeters wants to do something about high supermarket prices

Kris Peeters

Kris Peeters, Minister of Economy and Consumer Affairs, wants to do something about the price differences in supermarkets through the supermarket sector, Europe and the competition authority. He wants to consult with the retail sector to discuss the price differences between the supermarkets in our country and in the neighbouring countries. Comeos the federation of the retail trade, said in a first reaction that the real differences are lower because in the study little account was taken of the private labels. 

Minister Peeters wants to take action on three fronts. He said: “I invite the retail sector to consult with them to see how the price differences can be tackled. I would also like to raise the issue of territorial supply restrictions with the European Commission. These restrictions distort fair competition. Finally, I will have the Belgian Competition Authority check whether parts of our regulations impede market forces.”

The Brussels Times