Record number of new businesses – 95.081 – in 2017

Record number of new businesses – 95.081 – in 2017
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Belgium registered a record 95,081 start-up companies in 2017, according to the 7th edition of the Starters Atlas, presented on Monday by the Graydon financial data company, and two organizations representing small and medium-sized businesses in Belgium, UCM and Unizo. This figure represents an increase of 5.91% compared to 2016 and 28% compared to 2007.

The increase in starter companies last year was a new record in all regions. The highest increase was in Wallonia (+6.89%), followed by Flanders (+5.66%) and Brussels (+4.50%)

As in preceding years, most of the new companies were in services and the liberal professions, followed by construction and retail trade.

On the other hand, 66,621 individual businesses and companies closed their doors, giving a net increase of 28,460 units and a growth of 2.45%.

Two out of three start-ups seem to survive their first five years, which is longer than in neighbouring countries. Out of 77,471 businesses created in 2013 in Belgium, 51,371 are still active, Graydon noted.

According to Danny Van Assche, head of Unizo, the union of Belgian small and medium-sized businesses, these figures are due to the country’s good economic situation, the improved image of business and an enabling climate fostered by the Government. “It’s up to the politicians to make the engine continue to function,” he commented.

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