Deliveroo sues two of its couriers

Deliveroo, the bicycle delivery company, is suing two of its couriers. The Sudpresse papers reported on this story on Saturday. Deliveroo is contesting a ruling by the Administrative Commission for the Regulation of Work Relationships (CRT, Social Security SPF), which ruled that a courier should be a salaried position.

This week Deliveroo sent two of its couriers before the Brussels Labour Tribunal. The company is contesting a ruling the CRT made in March last year. The two couriers asked the CRT if their work for Deliveroo should be salaried or freelance. Sudpresse explained the CRT concluded it should be salaried work.

The Union contacted Deliveroo to relaunch negotiations. There was no response until the lawsuits were announced. Deliveroo is also asking for Belgian authorities to pay the legal costs of 1,140 euros.

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