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Trade balance shows half a billion deficit in May

The trade balance showed a 0.5 billion deficit in May, according to Belgian National Bank (BNB) preliminary figures. The month’s imports and exports are estimated respectively at 24.0 and 23.5 billion euros, which represents a drop of 1.7 and 1.3% as compared to May 2017.

For the month of April, the trade balance showed a slight surplus of 0.4 billion euros, which constitutes an improvement of around one billion as compared to April 2017, during which a deficit of 0.7 billion euros had been observed.

“This surplus is due to the increased rise of exports, which climbed by 10.4% to reach a level of 23.2 billion euros, progress mainly found in chemical industry products. As far as imports are concerned, they have progressed by 5.0%, also mainly in the chemical products sector,’’ informs the BNB.

The Brussels Times