Ryanair strike will cut 50 flights to and from Belgium

Ryanair strike will cut 50 flights to and from Belgium
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Next week’s strike by cabin crew on Ryanair flights will mean the loss of some 30% of flights to and from Belgium on 25 and 26 July, the airline confirmed. Cabin crew are striking in support of better pay and conditions, the union representing them said. Pilots are also striking in a separate action.

The cabin crew strike will affect some 50 of the 160 scheduled flights in and out of Belgium, from Charleroi and Brussels, the airline said. A spokesperson said anyone affected had already been alerted by text message or by email, while also being offered an alternative.

The strike also involves cabin crew in Portugal and Spain on both days, and in Italy on 25 July only. Across Europe, some 600 flights will be affected, and some 100,000 passengers. Belgium is the most affected, with 31% of flights; Spain sees more flights cancelled, with up to 200, but that only counts for 24% of all flights. Portugal, meanwhile, has 27% of its flights cancelled, the company said.

Passengers who have not been alerted by Ryanair, a company spokesperson said, are unlikely to be affected when the time comes. For those affected, the options include a replacement flight in the seven days before or after their planned flight, or a complete reimbursement of the ticket cost.

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