Crowdfunding raised 40 million in Belgium in six years

Crowdfunding raised 40 million in Belgium in six years
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Participatory funding, or crowdfunding, has helped raise 40 million euros between 2012 and 2017, according to the first study on the subject by FSMA – the financial markets authority (AMF) – Le Soir and De Standaard disclosed Thursday. Pittance, compared to the 250 billion euros sleeping on savings accounts. The study begins in 2012, date of the first real crowdfunding campaign in Belgium. But it is 2017 that makes the difference, when a special regime is initiated.

Since then, the investments made on one of the FSMA-approved platforms can benefit from a “tax shelter,” or preferential tax regime. Currently, eight organizations have AMF’s approval.

Individuals, however, remain cautious, as revealed by the study. The average amount invested per country and per investor is 2,871 euros. Half of them do not even invest 500 euros per project, and only 3% of investors have paid an amount exceeding 5,000 euros.

The platforms are also cautious. Out of 17,000 projects received, they have only proposed 273 to the public. 

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