Belgian e-bike start-up takes on international market

Belgian e-bike start-up takes on international market
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Belgian electronic bike start-up Cowboy is going international after announcing plans to target the Dutch, French and German markets, it announced on Friday. In Belgium, the company is also launching a new version of the bike and opening a ‘saloon’ in Brussels, where it will be possible to view and try out the vehicle on an indoor track.
Cowboy bike costs 1,990 euros. The machine weighs 16 kg and has a battery with a range of up to 70 km, compared to 50 km for the previous version. Once the cyclist starts peddling, both wheels adapt to his rhythm.
Furthermore, the bike is controlled by a mobile application, which gives the owner a secure digital key to get started and which also has a built-in navigation system.
A year after being marketed in Belgium, around 1,000 bikes have been sold, mainly in Flanders. “A successful gamble!” Adrien Roose congratulated himself. And that is enough to justify the international launch, in the Netherlands, Germany and France, according to the start-up. To do this, the fledgeling company raised 10 million euros in funds last year.
The Brussels company, which now employs some forty people in the capital, aims to sell 10,000 of its bikes on these four markets in the coming year. In addition, it has launched its 2019 model.
It will be on show until at least the end of the year in Cowboy’s ‘Saloon’, in the Canal area of Brussels, which has an indoor test slope.
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