TUI Fly will now weigh hand luggage upon check-in

TUI Fly will now weigh hand luggage upon check-in
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TUI Fly is tightening up on hand luggage regulations to facilitate easier boarding, the company announced.

The weight of the luggage, up to a maximum of 10 kg, and the dimensions will now be thoroughly checked on check-in. If the luggage is too big or heavy, bags and/or suitcases will have to go in the hold and are subject to an extra charge, the Belgian airline warned on Monday.

Space in planes is limited and it is at times impossible to stow all hand baggage - an increasing amount of which is of non-standard dimensions - in the onboard compartments intended for this purpose, TUI Fly stated. Not only does this cause the holidaymaker concerned to be put out, but above all, it results in an unnecessary waste of time that is unpleasant for other passengers and can even delay take-off.

The company consequently decided to take measures and to make travellers aware of them. Only hand luggage up to a maximum of 10 kg and which does not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm in dimension per passenger is authorised. These regulations have not until now been strictly applied at check-in, which led to a significant quantity of luggage that was too bulky being taken on board. There will now be a supplement to pay if applicable so the luggage can be placed in the cargo hold.

An awareness campaign was launched at various airports, on social networks, in leaflets and travel documents. TUI Fly also pointed out that lighter baggage helped reduce CO² emissions.

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