Record high sales of Belgian luxury properties

Record high sales of Belgian luxury properties

Last year in Belgium, sales of goods of one million euros and more jumped, compared to 2010, 58% for houses (691) and 91 % for apartments (214), reports L'Echo on Saturday based on data from the Belgian statistical office, Statbel. 

These figures fall short of reality since Statbel does not include many new constructions or real estate housed in a company, the newspaper said.

Knokke-Heist topped the rankings. The average price of a luxury home there stood at 2,006,500 euros (+ 19%). Luxury apartments, numerous in this coastal town, have not seen their average price explode but are still the most expensive in Belgium (1,313,750 euros).

Antwerp, Schilde, Sint-Martens-Latem and Uccle follow Knokke-Heist as the top 5 municipalities where the wealthy invest in luxury real estate.

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