Belgians increasingly supportive of teleworking lifestyle

Belgians increasingly supportive of teleworking lifestyle
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Currently, just over one Belgian in five is teleworking but the potential is twice as high, according to a new survey of the Vias institute and SPF Mobility, published on Thursday.

Specifically, 4/10 teleworkers work this way on an average of one day a week, 2/10 do so two days a week, while 1/3 does so sporadically, according to the survey of 1,000 people.

The survey also found that people who telework are satisfied and wish to continue. About 36% of them believe that the main advantage is saving time, while 1/6 also notes a better work-private life balance.

In terms of mobility, only half of teleworkers use the car as their main mode of transport to their office, against 33% by public transport and 15% by bicycle. It also appears that further people live from their work place, the more they telework.

According to Vias and SPF Mobility and Transport, the situation in Belgium can still be "improved". Indeed, in Brussels, for example, 40% of workers telework today, even though 68% say they have a job that would allow them to do so. Limburg and Luxembourg are the provinces with the least teleworkers.

Both organizations see telework as having a beneficial effect on road safety and as part of the solution "to unravel mobility".

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