Huawei supports EU wide coordination of 5G cybersecurity

Huawei supports EU wide coordination of 5G cybersecurity
Earlier this year in March, Huawei opened a cyber security center in Brussels, as part of its efforts to improve transparency, research and compliance with cybersecurity regulation.

Huawei has announced that it welcomes the EU initiative for a coordinated 5G network security risk assessment, which was released yesterday by the European Parliament.

In a statement released yesterday, the global tech giant emphasised that “this exercise is an important step towards developing a common approach to cybersecurity and delivering safe networks for the 5G era.”, and further mentioned that “we are pleased to note that the EU delivered on its commitment to take an evidence-based approach, thoroughly analyzing risks rather than targeting specific countries or actors.”

With global 5G standards, networks, consumer devices, and applications all ready, 5G commercialization is now beginning to accelerate, and earlier this year, Switzerland became the first country in Europe to offer its customers concrete and comprehensive 5G solutions following a partnership between Swiss telecom operator Sunrise and Huawei.

As the battle for the lucrative business continues, Huawei remains the global market leader with 50 secured 5G contracts so far around the world, compared to 42 by second player Nokia. Out of these 50 contracts, 28 are in Europe. The company has also already deployed 150,000 5G base stations, and expects this number to reach 500,000 by the end of the year.

Cybersecurity of the new generation of mobile network in Europe has been a major debating point over recent months, and the statement by Huawei emphasised that it stands ready to work together with the EU to make sure that all concerns are addressed and resolved.

“As the EU moves from identifying risks towards elaborating the common security framework required to manage and mitigate these risks, we hope this work will continue to be guided by the same facts-based approach. We stand ready to work with European partners to help develop this framework and deliver safe and fast connectivity for Europe’s future needs,” the statement concluded.

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