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Belgium advances €3,8 Billion F-35 fighter jet contract

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A collaboration agreement was signed last week between Lockheed Martin (LM) and Belgian businesses as part of the Belgian government’s €3,8 contract, linked to the purchase of 34 F-35 fighter jets.

Eight Belgian companies signed the agreement: Asco Industries, Coexpair, Feronyl, Sabca, Safran Aero Boosters, Sonaca, Thales Belgium et Solvay.

“This agreement aims to promote research and innovation in Belgium in the field of advanced composite materials for the aerospace industry,“ said Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay.

The agreement was signed as part of the so-called Belgian ‘ESI measures’ (essential security interests) related to the Belgian contract for the F-35 program.

“The choice of the F-35 involves cooperation with Lockheed Martin and the entire Belgian aeronautical ecosystem of companies and universities,” Kadri added.

In concrete terms, a project selection process has been launched by the Belgian government involving Belgian universities and industrial partners in the field of advanced composite materials for aerospace applications.

Projects will last from 12 to 24 months and university teams with the most innovative and effective solutions will be eligible for design awards.

In this context, Solvay will make its brand new ‘Customer Engagement Center’ available, dedicated to the development of high-performance polymers and thermoplastic composites.

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