Engie and Arval launch integrated electric car package

Engie and Arval launch integrated electric car package

Engie and Arval, a BNP Paribas-affiliated car-leasing company, on Monday presented their Numobi partnership, an integrated mobility service aimed at facilitating the switch to electric vehicles.

The service will cater to businesses, but also to private individuals willing to opt for electric cars even though costs are still high.

The transition to electric mobility has been beset by many obstacles, the partners note. The main ones are bureaucratic red tape, complicated installation processes, lengthy waiting times for connection to the grid, and vehicle prices.

Numobi aims to make the transition easier by providing the customer with a long-term lease on an electric car, a charging station installed both at home and at work, a charging card, maintenance and insurance through lease financing, payable on a monthly basis.

The card also gives access to the 100,000 public charging stations across Europe.

"We’re the first to offer a complete package that eases things for end-users and companies,” said Numobi CEO Bart van der Pluym.

The partners hope to see 30,000 electric vehicles using their services by 2030.

While it costs more to buy electric cars, total ownership costs are offset by tax breaks and lower consumption costs than fossil-fuel vehicles, the project managers stress.

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