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Proximus aims to recycle 100,000 mobile phones in 2020

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Proximus has launched a campaign to collect old mobile phones.

With “Do not miss the call,” the company, in collaboration with Umicore will attempt to recover 100,000 devices by the end of the year.

The collected GSMs will then be prepared for reuse, or will be recycled for the precious materials they contain.

In Belgium, more than 3 million old mobile phones are gathering dust in closets, whereas they hold precious and increasingly rare raw materials that could be reused, Proximus explained.

In addition, less than 5% of all mobile phones in our country are recycled.

Through this campaign, the two partners want to offer a sustainable alternative to the exploitation of natural resources.

The website,, will explain to visitors the importance of urban mining – the extraction of raw materials such as gold, silver or cobalt from electronic waste.

The 100,000 collected mobile phones should provide 9 kg of silver, 2 kg of gold, 37.5 kg of lithium and 337.5 kg of cobalt. Which would save 42,500 tons of CO2, 12,750 tons of toxic waste and 25.4 million litres of water.

Those who bring their old mobile phones to a Proximus shop will receive a voucher worth between € 5 and € 350, depending on the residual value of the equipment. The consumer can also choose to donate the entire amount to “EIGHT”, a Belgian association that strives to reduce poverty in African villages.

Collection points will also be installed in schools and businesses that wish to join the initiative.

The Brussels Times