UCLouvain suspends all student events as a precautionary measure

UCLouvain suspends all student events as a precautionary measure
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The Catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain) announced one new confirmed and one suspected case of infection with the new coronavirus (Covid-19) in the student community on Tuesday.

The two cases are not connected to the one concerning an assistant that was announced on Monday. As a precaution, the University decided to suspend all student club gatherings and other get-togethers. UCLouvain will be announcing further measures in the near future, it stated on its website.

"We are suspending all club and association events in student entertainment venues. As such events draw large numbers of individuals into close physical proximity, they risk spreading the virus," the statement on their website reads.

UCLouvain says it is counting on the University community realising that it has to take progressively stricter measures to limit this spread. As it is probable that fresh cases will be detected in the coming days, still further measures will be introduced.

"Stricter measures to limit the spread of the virus will be announced in the near future. With the number of cases reported at the moment, it is still possible to take individual measures at university level (monitoring, professionally cleaning relevant teaching and workplaces) but we are aware that this situation is temporary," the University stated.

"We will probably be obliged to take more collective measures that restrict the spread of the virus, while keeping access open to teaching activities and the organisation of work, through adaptations that will progressively be put in place," it added.

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