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5G rollout tipped as key to Flemish economic recovery

Credit: Belga

The rapid rollout of 5G in Flanders is necessary as digitisation should spearhead a Flemish economic recovery policy, Flemish labour unions and employers said on Monday.

The unions and employers (known as the social partners) have defined a Flemish economic recovery policy in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.

Digitisation and the strengthening of Flemish innovation in line with the European Green Deal should be policy priorities, according to the social partners.

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The rollout of 5G, which enables super-fast internet and many new digital applications, was delayed in Belgium due to political disagreement on the distribution of revenues between the federal government and Belgium’s different regions.

Flanders should “surf the wave of digitisation which is being reinforced and accelerated” by the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the social partners said.

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