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World’s first 3D printed house constructed in Belgium

The world's first 3D printed house was printed in Belgium. Credit: Kamp C

The world’s first entire house to be 3D printed is located in Westerlo (Antwerp province), Belgium, the VRT announced.

The government worked together with the Thomas More University College and with private construction companies on the build.

The house was built in 15 days without a single builder. It’s the first 3D printed building with several floors, and the project was completely built on site.

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The house is located on ‘Kamp C’, the provincial centre for sustainability and innovation in building. “It’s assumed that a process like this brings a CO2 reduction of 50%, plus a gigantic saving of time,” Kamp C architect Piet Wielemans told the VRT.

The fact that a house can now be 3D printed doesn’t mean that construction workers will be out of work anytime soon, according to the VRT. It is a complement to human work and in fact creates new jobs, such as programming and deciding on the composition of the material to be used.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times