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Decrease in SMS volumes during Christmas Eve

The number of SMS exchanged during the evening and night of Christmas Eve was down in two of three Belgian operators compared to last year. More than 30 million messages were nevertheless sent during the evening. Overall however, Belgians appear to be opting more and more towards using mobile internet to send messages. Proximus recorded an increase of 220% in the data volume traded compared to Christmas 2013.

Proximus saw 11.3 million SMS passing its network, a decrease of 12% compared to last year. BASE also saw the number of text messages fall by 15% with a total of 6,035,000 SMS sent. Mobistar however, whose network processed some 13.4 million SMS, was comparable to Christmas 2013 numbers.

This Christmas Eve 2014 was marked by an increasing volume of mobile data used, which reached 26.5 million MB this year. The most dramatic increase was seen by Proximus which processed more than 14 million MB compared to 4.4 million last year, an increase of 220%. At Base, data volume increased roughly 70% compared to last year with 7.7 million MB. At Mobistar, data volume remained similar to Christmas 2013 numbers, with 4.8 million MB.

“Smartphones are becoming more and more affordable. Subscription and data packages offered by mobile operators are also becoming more generous” says Frédérique Verbiest, spokesman for Proximus when addressing the increase in the volume of data. She also noted that 4G data volume processed on the Proximus network during Christmas Eve was 25 times larger compared to Christmas eve 2013.

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