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Windows 10 will allow biometric identification

The upcoming Windows 10 operating system will offer the possibility of connecting without a password, using biometric technology like in facial recognition, Windows announced on Tuesday. The IT company said its Windows Hello application will allow biometric identification to reduce the use of passwords, which can be hacked.

This means you will “use your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock your devices”, explained Microsoft president Joe Belfiore on a blog. “You – and only you – and your device are the key to your Windows experience, applications, data, and even internet sites and services. Not a load of numbers and letters chosen at random that can be forgotten, hacked, or written on a piece of paper pinned to the wall”, he said.

This initiative comes after multiple computerised databases were hacked, sometimes extensively, which could lead to identity theft and other crimes. Windows 10 is currently being tested on computers and mobile devices. No date has been given for its launch. Apple and Samsung have already equipped some of their smartphones with fingerprint readers, and biometric id is being developed for other products and services.

(Source: Belga)