Huawei opens a new European research institute in Louvain

Huawei opens a new European research institute in Louvain

On Thursday, the Chinese group Huawei, specialist in ICT solutions, announced it would open a new European research institute in Louvain “soon”. It made the announcement during the European Business Summit in Brussels, which takes place this week. “The European research institute will manage the growing number of research and development centres in Europe, and supervise the activities of the company’s 18 R&D sites in eight European countries. This network’s research and development activities are mainly geared towards next generation network technologies”, Huawei said. It currently employs more than 1,200 researchers in Europe. “Europe is a world class skills centre for Huawei, and benefits from a favourable context in this domain. The institute will coordinate Huawei’s European research and innovation activities, and reinforce our collaboration with other companies and the European academic world”, explained Guo Ping, the Executive Director of Huawei. He was quoted in a press release.

The new institute will support the 5G project the group has set up in Europe. The institute will be managed by Dr Zhou Hong, who has been the head of R&D, standardisation and technical cooperation for Huawei Europe since 2014. The company chose Louvain due to its “geographical proximity to numerous European institutions and partner organisations”.

Huawei currently employs more than 9,900 people in Europe, where it has been operating since 2000. In 2014, the Chinese group signed more than 200 technical cooperation agreements with its European partners. It worked with more than 160 European researchers, and 120 university establishments.

(Source: Belga)

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