Huawei keen to further develop its cooperation with European countries
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Huawei keen to further develop its cooperation with European countries

With Western Europe being Huawei’s largest market outside of China, the global telecom leader is ready to further develop its collaboration and presence in the continent. During the annual Huawei Innovation Day on 7 November 2018, in Rome, Vincent Pang, President of Huawei in Western Europe, said that “Western Europe is the most open and level market in which Huawei operates. It’s very open. It’s very transparent and we get a lot of very clear guidance on what it is that we are required to do.”

Pang further went on to explain that he believes a large part of Huawei’s success in Europe has been its strategy of thinking globally, but operating locally.

“Local teams have helped a lot to understand the local culture and needs, so that operations can be adapted to best suit specific countries and markets within Europe,” Pang said.

On the enterprise side of the business, Huawei expects substantial growth in demand for enterprise services, particularly as 5G starts to get deployed in Europe next year. 

“Enterprise services is the fastest growing sector for Huawei in Europe,” said Vincent Pang.   

On the consumer side, branding awareness for Huawei has grown rapidly in just a few years, now reaching 95%.

Walter Ji, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, said that a large reason for the success Huawei in the consumer segment is the company’s continuous efforts to get to know its customer base. 

“We have worked hard to find out what our customers in Europe want. We do around 30,000 smartphone user surveys every year. These have told us that customers want features like better photo processing capability and better battery life, and we delivered that,” Ji said.

“We want to bring value to consumers as quickly as possible,” Ji concluded. 

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