Two Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes flown back to Brussels

Two Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes flown back to Brussels

TUI fly Belgium brought back two of its four Boeing 737 MAX 8 to Brussels on Friday. The planes were flown without passengers to their home base, which is authorized with the EU ban, the tourist group ensured.

Two of its 737 MAX 8 aircraft were already in Brussels Airport when it was decreed on Tuesday that this type of aircraft was not authorized to fly over Europe. The other two had to be diverted to Alicante (Spain) and Bologna (Italy). 

They were authorized to fly to Brussels on Friday despite the closure of European airspace to this model. The European Aviation Safety Agency allows in fact such "ferry flights", in particular for the realization of any corrective measures. 

Boeing might ask its customers to make adjustments to its MAX aircraft (software, etc.) before they can re-fly. TUI fly Brussels is better equipped to do this in their home base.

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