Coronavirus: Northern Italy hasn't peaked yet

Coronavirus: Northern Italy hasn't peaked yet
As Italy's coronavirus death toll continue to mount this week, the government said it would extend a nationwide lockdown which has shut down public life, with France poised to follow. Credit: © Belga

Despite a slight decrease in the number of new coronavirus infections, northern Italy has not yet experienced the worst, according to expert reports, cited by Belga News Agency.

The peak has not yet been reached, said Carlo Alberto Tersalvi, medical director of the health services of the province of Bergamo, on Friday on German radio.

It is therefore still too early to speak of a turning point. But the fact that a slowdown in the number of new contaminations is a first "good signal", he said.

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The situation remains critical in the province's six hospitals, according to Tersalvi. The intensive care units in these institutions are full, the limit is reached. General medicine is lightening the load somewhat, with many less affected patients now being cared for at home. "It helps," said Tersalvi.

"It is not yet possible to say exactly what mistakes were made in the early stages of managing this crisis in northern Italy," he said. The Italian population is rather old and it is this part of the population that is particularly exposed to Covid-19, it is said. "This has caused a lot of problems and cost many lives".

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