Belgium wants strong role of hydrogen in EU climate policy

Belgium wants strong role of hydrogen in EU climate policy
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Belgium and six other European countries want to launch a European strategy to strengthen the role of hydrogen in the fight against global warming, they said in a joint declaration.

France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria circulated the declaration at a virtual meeting of the energy ministers of the Member States met virtually on Monday.

Hydrogen from renewable sources can be an important element in limiting harmful emissions from transport and industry, the seven countries stressed.

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One of the topics put on the table by Croatia (which holds the rotating EU Presidency in the first half of the year) was support for innovative technological solutions in the energy sector through the European recovery plan.

The seven countries have already been working together for some time in the framework of the so-called “Pentalateral Energy Forum”. Portugal and Bulgaria reportedly also support the initiative.

Sustainable hydrogen “is the missing link in the energy transition, in sectors such as industry and transport,” according to Dutch Climate Minister Eric Wiebes. “But this means moving to a different scale and reducing the costs of clean hydrogen.”

The countries involved want the Commission to define a strategy, with legislative proposals and targets for 2030 and beyond.

The Commission had already announced a Clean Hydrogen Alliance, following the example of a partnership project of several countries to develop batteries for electric cars.

The Commission has made the climate one of its flagship priorities for the EU, with the goal of a “carbon neutral” EU by 2050.

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